Kamax is a tier one supplier of fasteners (bolts) for most automakers, including some of the newest to the market.

Tier one suppliers are those that work directly with original equipment manufacturers, such as General Motors Co., FCA Group, Ford Motor Co., Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Hyundai Motor Co., Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., and Tesla Inc.

Kamax also makes fasteners to other tier suppliers, such as Federal-Mogul Corp., TRW Automotive, and Johnson Controls International PLC.

Kamax made about 3.3.billion fasteners globally in 2016. That includes 750 million made at the Roods Lake Road plant, according to David Winn, vice president of operations, Kamax L.P.

The kind of bolts made by Kamax are used throughout the vehicle, performing crucial duties, such as holding the engine in place. A typical vehicle can include up to 500 bolts.